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Home - Personal, professional, business, relationship and group life coaching. Focus on goals with support and encouragement to attain those goals.Personal Coaching - Personal development, health, counseling, career, for balance, success, and lifestyle. Free session with encouragement, humor, and support.Professional Coaching - Business coaching, team building, leadership training, and executive coaching. International coaching services, products, and seminars.Relationship and Group Coaching - Life plan for parenting, relationships, family, and marriage enrichment. Join online, home group, community, life group meet on various topics.Success Stories - Winning, planning, setting goals, and intentional living. Reduce stress, eliminate distractions, get your needs met, and extreme self care.About SharpCoach - Motivate through life skills, prosperity, hope, success, and service as a life coach. Healing with purpose, integrity, and intentional living.

"Meeting with Jim has given me new perspective and a much bigger bottom line."
Bryan Owens

"My employees have always been talented, now they're a team."
Matthew Lee, President/CEO NetStrategies & Management, Inc.

"I had been in the habit of looking to others to set a standard for excellence and integrity. Jim challenged and encouraged me to break with that myth and begin to create a life I could be proud of and claim as my own. Jim doesn't just talk about integrity, he lives it!"
James J. Mahoney, D.O., Family Physician

"As a person and as a professional, Jim is the most intentional person that I know. I value his pinpoint accuracy in problem solving. He is a visionary and a realist."
Ben Sustar, Career Missionary - Senegal, West Africa

Tom Landry said, "I make others do what they don't want to do, so that they can be who they want to be." I realize that you are not in the business of making others do anything, but you lead and encourage well!
Tom Fleming, Pastor - Trinity Baptist Church

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my coaching experience. I am well on my way to being who I want to be. Your time, input, support, and genuine concern have given me a huge boost in the right direction! I believe that you are extremely gifted in the art of guiding people to their BEST destination. I pray God will bless the seeds you have sown into my life 100 fold. You are a great influence and inspiration to many people."
Debi Hefner, Homemaker and Mom

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When the path of least resistance won't work for you anymore!

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