Personal, professional, business, relationship and group coaching. Set and reach goals with tools, support, and structure to focus and accomplish.SharpCoach -
Home - Personal, professional, business, relationship and group life coaching. Focus on goals with support and encouragement to attain those goals.Personal Coaching - Personal development, health, counseling, career, for balance, success, and lifestyle. Free session with encouragement, humor, and support.Professional Coaching - Business coaching, team building, leadership training, and executive coaching. International coaching services, products, and seminars.Relationship and Group Coaching - Life plan for parenting, relationships, family, and marriage enrichment. Join online, home group, community, life group meet on various topics.Success Stories - Winning, planning, setting goals, and intentional living. Reduce stress, eliminate distractions, get your needs met, and extreme self care.About SharpCoach - Motivate through life skills, prosperity, hope, success, and service as a life coach. Healing with purpose, integrity, and intentional living.

Our commitment is to coach you into healthy, mutually satisfying, and lasting relationships.

Couple Coaching  Couple coaching exposes the myths of marriage and puts the pizzazz back into the relationship. Couples move from hit-n-miss love making to regular romancing and from tolerating each other to a dynamic sense of companionship! Coaching is also available for couples in pre-marriage and re-marriage relationships. Experience the difference that having a couple's coach can make!

Family Coaching  Want to mend some broken family ties, create fun-filled family traditions, organize a family reunion, or just put some pep back into family night? Family coaching encourages commitment, accountability, integrity, and shared experiences!

Parent Coaching  At last, a set of tools fashioned from the nationally acclaimed Parenting With Love and Logic. Priority Parenting puts you back in charge and readies your children for the real world! Regain your confidence and join in the rewarding results experienced by parents all over the country.
  Teleconferencing Classes  Coaching, via phone-conference, on such topics as: computer literacy, personal finances, personality assessment, writing a book, and balancing family and business. The class may meet only once or involve several weekly sessions.

Face-to-Face Groups  These small groups (5-10 people) meet one to six time(s) as a focus session on a chosen topic. The subjects vary from getting your needs met once and for all, love languages, and becoming an on-purpose person, to grief recovery and crisis management.
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