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Hi, I'm Dr. Jim Sharp, Founder of . . .

SharpCoach - Coaching For Life!

Are you one of the millions who are always rushing past fun and family time, caught up in the someday trap? At  SharpCoach - Coaching For Life,  we offer you a road map back to the present and a way to get off the performance superhighway. Our staff is devoted to your personal development through: discovery, focus, and keys to on-purpose living. Through discovery, you will get clear about how you limit yourself by your beliefs, perspectives, and ideals. Through focus, you eliminate distractions, get your needs met, and live out what you value most about yourself.

Finally, through keys, you design a purposeful plan that will enrich the way you live forever! Your coach will encourage the best in you and work to stretch you into once unimagined successes. Join us in the celebration of your new life won't you? Get started today with a personal life coach who is ready to assist and to serve you.

E-mail us or call  (817) 528-1477  to ask a question or to schedule a complimentary coaching demo.

Warmest regards,   Jim
A carefree, courageous, loving, man

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